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This journal is friends only!
Adding + Selectively Adding + Not Adding

Please leave a comment, if you want to be added.
I really love meeting new people, but I won't add you if we don't have anything in common or haven't talked before!

You can also send me messages, but don't send me advertisement or spam messages.

Don't comment with spam comments to my entries. I'll delete your comment and ban you from commenting in my journal.

My graphics and rescources can be found at sweet_season
I don't post graphics and rescources on this journal anymore.
Music // Jiu 1

to everybody on my friends list

!!!People on my friends list PLEASE read this!!!

Hello guys! I hope you're all doing well?! ^.^

I've decided to lock my private journal and allow only my friends to read my entries.

I will not remove you from my "friends list", if...

1. ...we have talked before through messages.
2. ...your journal is empty, BUT I know that you're active on lj, because we talk in communities on a fairly regular basis.

I will remove you from my "friends list", if...

1.'ve added me to see my graphics. I have my own journal for my graphics now, it's sweet_season and I will be very happy if you watch or join, if you're still interested in my work.

2.'ve been inactive for months or years.

3. post about things that are of no interest to me. Maybe we had common interests once, but yours have changed, which is totally okay, but might simply not interest me anymore.

4. make posts in languages I can't understand. On my "friends page" there are often entries that are in Portuguese, Russian, Italian or other languages and while I'm very interested in languages, I only speak German, English and Japanese (so far) and I don't see the point in keeping you as a friend, if we can't even communicate with each other.

Thank you for reading and if you're still unsure, if I'll remove your journal or not, just leave me a comment and ask! ^.^